Three 12-year-old boys who have joined forces to create their first coffee blend!

Three 12-year-old boys who have joined forces to create their first coffee blend!


The Coffee Commune has teamed up with three young minds to bring you ARC Reserve.

Our newest and youngest members, Arlee, Rocco and Cristiano, three 12 year old boys, have come together and started their own business selling ARC Reserve.  What started as a school holiday activity, within three days, developed into a vision to fuel their future, one bag at a time, and bring happiness to sick kids through their donations.

CC: We are chatting with three 12-year-old boys today, Arlee, Rocco and Cristiano. Hey boys, how are you today?
Cristiano: Very well thank you - how are you?

CC: Excellent thank you for asking Cristiano. Your three minds combined came up with an incredible initiative to give back to your community and we cannot wait to hear all about it today. Tell us, what is ARC Reserve and what does it represent?
Rocco: ARC Reserve is a brand-new unique blend of coffee that the three of us have created.
Arlee: It’s our first names abbreviated. Arlee, Rocco, Cristiano.
Cristiano: We are all friends from School.

CC: Tell us more about your vision, what does it mean to fuel the future?
Cristiano: It means several things. It means by purchasing our coffee, you will be investing in our business. This support will allow us to grow and learn many important life skills and the day to day of running a business.
Rocco: It means we are trying to improve ourselves and the future generations to come. It also means helping others as well which is why we will pay it forward and give 5% of our profits back.
Arlee: All kids have big dreams; I want to be a forensic scientist and Rocco wants to become a world-famous rock climber. The money we earn will help our dreams come true.

arc reserve

Pictured: Rocco, Arlee, Cristiano standing in front of their new blend

CC: What inspired you to develop this idea?
Cristiano: It started as a catch-up at the Coffee Commune to share some iPad time at the start of our school holidays.
Rocco: The day after we finished grade 6.
Cristiano: Yes, one discussion led to another, and the opportunity to create our own coffee blend began. With Mr Di Bella’s help, we each chose a green bean from our preferred Country of origin, and set about roasting and packaging the end result. We quickly realised that we wanted to help others with the sale of our coffee. Since we are young boys, we wanted to help children and young people where we could.

CC: We would love to hear about this wonderful blend you have created, can you share what makes up the blend? Flavour profiles etc , price?
Arlee: Our coffee comes from three marvellous origins that produce the cherry that is made into the coffee bean that is then used in our coffee. We have the Brazilian coffee that makes 40% of our coffee, this origin is what I chose because I think it is very significant. The coffee fields in Brazil lie in a tropical zone with a relatively consistent hot and humid climate, making it the perfect place. Another 40% lies in the fields of Costa Rica and 20% is purely Australian.


arc reserve flavour

CC: What was the process like, creating a new coffee blend? Can you share what is involved?
Rocco: Making a new coffee blend was an amazing experience because we were taught how and what beans suited each other. We chose beans that had sweet flavours of toffee caramel and some dried fruit. It was truly wonderful to mix the flavours together. After we chose the raw beans, then we worked out the ratio (which was 20% of Australian beans, and 40% each of Costa Rica and Brazilian beans). Then we roasted them for around 10 minutes and once we could hear the beans cracking and the smell change, the beans were cooled, we weighed them in the bags and sealed them.
Arlee: We also got to see many of the moving parts in running a business, such as communication, sharing the work, seeking approval and every other responsibility that needs to be taken care of.

CC: Tell us a little bit about the charity you have chosen to support and why
Rocco: We have chosen the Starlight Foundation to support because we believe that if we can fuel their future, that the world will be a better place to be in with less critically ill children. Hopefully, one day they will do the same because they know how it feels.

CC: Can you each share 1 word that describes this experience and being able to give back to other children.
Cristiano: Rewarding

CC: Finally, please share, how to support ARC Reserve, your incredible initiative?
Arlee: You can support us to expand our knowledge of the adult world by purchasing our coffee online at or in store at The Coffee Commune.

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