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Help us support Women's Legal Service!

Phillip Di Bella and his daughter Arnika Di Bella will be putting on their dancing shoes this year to participate in the Dancing CEO's event. He is excited and nervous but no doubt will do his best to put on a show worthy of raising money for this incredible cause.

The Coffee Commune’s limited edition Wildflower blend recognises the delicate beauty and fearless spirit of the women in our lives.

The Coffee Commune is proud to support Dancing CEO's and Women's Legal Service QLD. We will donate $20 per bag to this amazing cause.

Each bag sold supports our mothers, daughters and sisters to grow wild and free, in a world free from domestic violence.

Order this limited edition of the Wildflower blend now and know that you are contributing to a very vital cause for the women in our lives.



Despite providing over 30,000 services to Queensland women, currently 1 in 3 calls cannot be answered due to resource limitations. There is no way to know when these women will have the courage or the opportunity to call again.

By donating to Dancing CEOs you aren’t just supporting your CEO – you are helping another Queensland woman and her children to safety.