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Arnika Reserve Blend

Arnika Reserve Blend

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This blend captures a complex mix of flavours that will awaken your palate. 

Highly aromatic, this beautifully layered coffee features dark chocolate, sweet caramel and a lingering spice profile when enjoyed with milk. 

The intense flavour will leave you wanting more.  As a black coffee, you'll love the heavy body, high sweetness and delicate acidity, with a strong, rich aftertaste.



Espresso  |  Dark chocolate and salted caramel

Milk  |  Dark chocolate and cinnamon spice


Brew Guide:

Age Best Used  |  4 - 30 days

Dose  |  20 - 21 grams

Extraction  |  25 - 35 ml

Extraction Time  |  26 - 31 seconds



1 - 2 cups daily  |  1kg per month

2 - 4 cups daily  |  1kg per fortnight

6 - 8 cups daily  |  1kg per week

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