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Avant-Garde Blend

Avant-Garde Blend

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For the adventurous among us, this blend has been crafted to provide something a little different.

The roasting process has been expertly drawn out to maximize flavor and complexity, while not being roasted too dark so as to preserve the coffees natural sweetness.

The result in the cup is a mixture of heavy caramels and molasses when being enjoyed as a black coffee, or subtle spiciness with a syrupy aftertaste when experiencing it with milk.



Espresso  |  Heavy caramels and molasses

Milk  |  Spicy and syrupy


Brew Guide:

Age Best Used  |  7 - 32 days

Dose  |  19.5 - 20.5 grams

Extraction  |  25 - 35 ml

Extraction Time  |  28 - 33 seconds



1 - 2 cups daily  |  1kg per month

2 - 4 cups daily  |  1kg per fortnight

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