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Burundi Rugori - 1KG

Burundi Rugori - 1KG

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This is a washed coffee produced in a coffee washing station in the province of Ngozi. The station is called Rugori, located in the Busiga commune.

During the royal wars of the past, the chiefs and kings from both Burundi and Rwanda were constantly at war with each other. The Busiga Commune would house the soldiers and sentries responsible for keeping lookout for any attack from their neighbours to the North.

Today, the people of Ngozi Province are known to be always happy and in good spirits, spreading joy wherever they go. In Burundi, legend says that joy and happiness are qualities fit for a King, which is where Rugori gets its name. Translated from Kirundi, Rugori means crown.

Crop: 2020
Variety: Red Bourbon
Grade: Specialty
Altitude: 1680 m.a.s.l
Moisture: 11.7%
Screen Size: 15+
Process: Washed
Cupping Notes: A balanced cup with notes of caramel toffee, juicy tangerine and honey.