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Central American Coffee Adventure | A Curated Flavour Journey

Central American Coffee Adventure | A Curated Flavour Journey

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馃實 Embark on a World-Class Coffee聽Adventure! 鈽

Embark on a sensory journey through Central America, exploring the diverse and vibrant coffee landscapes that tell tales of rich traditions, breathtaking landscapes, and sustainable farming practices.聽Unlock $70 worth of globally sourced coffee delights, yours for just $59!

馃尡 Inside the Central American聽Tasting Pack 馃尡

Costa Rica - Aquiares Estate

Aquiares, the largest coffee farm in Costa Rica nestled in the region of Turrialba.

Immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes where 80% of the land is dedicated to high-quality coffee. Experience the intertwining of coffee plots with natural springs and streams, creating a haven for local wildlife. Savor the sweet and fruity notes, a testament to Aquiares' commitment to environmental sustainability.

Nicaragua - Caf茅 Constituci贸n

Explore the slopes of Cerro Datanli Mountain in Nicaragua, near the city of Jinotega.

Discover the vibrant history of coffee cultivation in the highland department of Jinotega. Caf茅 Constituci贸n offers a blend of quality-driven coffees, each contributing its own specialty. Let the sweet floral aroma and flavors of white grapes transport you to the misty peaks of this biodiverse region.

Honduras - La Flor

Uncover the coffee treasures of Honduras, a small yet mighty coffee producer.

Traverse the landscapes of Lempira and Copan, regions with a rich tradition of treating coffee with utmost care. La Flor, translating to "the flower," reflects the delightful aroma and special character of this high-altitude coffee. Experience the zesty lemon-like acidity and lingering sweetness, showcasing the diversity of Honduran coffee.

馃洅聽Your Coffee Passport Awaits!聽馃洅聽

Whether you're sipping overlooking Costa Rican vistas, exploring Nicaraguan coffee fields, or savoring the Honduran highlands, let each cup be a part of your Central American coffee odyssey.

Join us on this Central American Coffee Adventure, where every sip is a step deeper into the heart of coffee culture, sustainability, and the breathtaking beauty of Central America! 鈽