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Colombia - La Riviera - "Maypop" Culture

Colombia - La Riviera - "Maypop" Culture

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Rare and Exclusive

Maypop is another one of the extremely unique coffees we have sourced, due to the unique culturing processing method utilised by Julio Madrid at La Riviera.

The culturing process involves using fermentation starters and the unique natural flavours that come from fruits and aromatic plants.

New sensory profiles have been developed by mixed fermentations between the starters and traditional coffee fermentation processes.

Finca La Riviera is located in Vereda La Estrella in the municipality of Santa Rosa de Cabal in the Risaralda department of Colombia. The farm is situated near the Los Nevados Natural National Park, a 58,300 hectare reserve surrounding the northern volcanic complex formed by Nevado del Ruiz.

Variety: Caturra
Altitude: 1750 masl
Moisture: 12%
Screen Size: 17+
Processing: Passionfruit culture fermentation
Cupping Notes: Fresh herbal and floral aroma. Flavours of oolong tea and passionfruit.