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Colombia - Finca el Roble - "Java" Natural

Colombia - Finca el Roble - "Java" Natural

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This coffee is produced by Jairo Lopez, a new age coffee farmer whose focus is on developing new and interesting varieties and trailing different processing methods.

This 100% Java lot that is an interesting alternative to Geisha with high cup quality. Grown at high altitudes in the Pijao region near Armenia. Java has an interesting and long history of cultivation. Java originated in Ethiopia and then was later introduced to the Indonesian island of Java. It is now cultivated by Jairo Ivan Lopez of Finca El Roble in Colombia. It’s an uncommon variety in Colombia and the natural processing method allows for complexity in the end cup with a stunning fruit profile

Crop : 2019
Variety: Java
Grade: Speciality
Altitude: 1700 m.a.s.l
Screen Size: 16+
Process: Natural
Cupping Notes: Fragrance of plums and mixed berries, the flavour is sweet and complex with stewed and spiced stonefruit notes, strawberries, white peach and golden syrup.