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Colombia | Wush Wush | 500G

Colombia | Wush Wush | 500G

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Wush Wush is a rare variety of coffee, shrouded in mystery as not much is known about it. It is believed to have made its way from Ethiopia, apparently originating in and around Bonga in the Southwest of Jimma. It arrived in Colombia around 30 years ago.

Its long and pointed cherry has similar physical characteristics to Gesha coffee. It is also similar in cup profile with jasmine, rose, lemongrass and stonefruit flavour notes and sweetness with a complex acidity, but with a more pronounced body than that of Gesha coffee.

The Fermentation process is 36 hours of aerobic fermentation, followed by 100 hours of anaerobic fermentation all in the cherry.

It's dried in the sun for 18 days with a maximum temperature of 38 Degrees Celsius and maximum humidity of 15%, then 6-8 hours in a mechanical dryer (silo) to finish the drying process and leaving the coffee at 11% humidity.

Farm: Monteverde
Grower: Newerley Gutierrez Falla
Farm Size: 14 hectares
Region: Tolima, Rioblanco, Herrera, Las Mercedes
Elevation: 1850-2000 m.a.s.l
Variety: Wush Wush
Process: Natural
Crop: 2020
Cupping Notes: Notes of jasmine, rose and lemongrass and stone fruit. Wush Wush has a beautiful sweetness, complex