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India - Tiger Mountain - "Grade A" Washed

India - Tiger Mountain - "Grade A" Washed

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One hundred years ago 100,000 wild tigers roamed throughout Asia, now there are less than 3,200. In the last 100 years Asia’s wild tiger range has shrunk to only 7% of its indigenous range.

Habitat loss and illegal wildlife trade are the major threats to tigers. Deforestation and population pressures have reduced the tigers range to isolated protected areas with little safe connectivity between them. Demand for tiger parts from Traditional Chinese Medicine and for skins from the growing rich populations of South East Asia, is pushing this animal to extinction.

From every 30kg bag of Tiger Mountain coffee sold, US$1 is donated to 21st Century Tiger, a unique fundraising initiative between the Zoological Society of London and Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation in Queensland. Since inception, 21st Century Tiger has supported a range of projects in India especially in the Western Ghats which holds one of the highest tiger and prey densities anywhere in the world and contains possibly 400 tigers.

A variety of projects have focused on education, environmental impact and protection around the Nagarahole National Park

FARM: Tiger Mountain
REGION: Baba Budangiris
GRADE: A Grade
SCREEN: 15 / 17

Cupping Notes: Aromas of caramel, nuts and fresh herbs. Flavours of caramel, chamomile, green tea and stonefruit. Juicy citric acidity with a silky body.