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Indonesia Sumatra Mandeling | Grade 1 | Espresso Roast

Indonesia Sumatra Mandeling | Grade 1 | Espresso Roast

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F E A T U R E D  C O F F E E  T H I S  M O N T H

Mandheling coffee is an arabica coffee originating from the Mandailing area, near Bukit Barisan Mountains, North Sumatra. It is named after the Mandailing people that traditionally farmed and processed the coffee beans in the Tapanuli region.

Its popularity eventually reached the global market, the name sparking many inquiries among merchants about purchasing Mandheling coffee from Sumatra. It is said that historically, Mandheling coffee plantations originated from the Forced Cultivation System launched by the Dutch East Indies government. In 1835, the Dutch brought coffee seeds from Java and tried to cultivate them on Sumatran soil. Through the Dutch East Indies government, the coffee was then spread to several areas in North Sumatra. In the beginning, a nursery was built in Tano Bato, a village in Panyabungan Selatan District. After that, the seeds were distributed to several areas, from Pakantan to Angkola, South Tapanuli.


Most of the coffee processing is done by using the Wet Hulled or Giling Basah method. Giling Basah is the name of the traditional Sumatran process that involves grinding parchment from beans with a moisture content of about 50%.

Giling Basah or Wet Hulled is a method made by Indonesian farmers that is often used because the processing process is faster than other processing processes. In comparison, most other coffee hull processes are around 10-12% humidity. This unique process from Sumatra generates the trademark signature flavor profile (low acidity and richness that stays behind the palate) and gives a jade green colour to the beans.

Region: Giling Basa
Producer: Giling Basa Co-op
Variety: Java
Altitude: 1,400 m.a.s.l
Processing: Wet Hulled



Dried Fruit, Juicy Cranberry, Syrupy body
Milk Dark Chocolate, Herbal, Rich

B R E W  G U I D E

Age best used

4 - 30 Days
19.5 - 20.5g
Extraction 38 - 46ml
Extraction time 25 - 28 seconds