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Kenya - Sangalai - "AB" Washed

Kenya - Sangalai - "AB" Washed

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C O F F E E  P R O F I L E

Sangalai is the word for bull elephant in Samburu, a language indigenous to Northern Kenya. In the savannah, Sangalai reigns. In the cup, our Sangalai rules. Selected by our Kenyan QC teams, Sangalai is available at an accessible price that supports roaster success and producer resilience.

Farmers selectively handpick ripe cherry and deliver it to washing stations near them. Some producers process cherry on their own farms. Cherry is carefully sorted at intake where under- and over-ripes, along with any foreign matter, are removed.

Once sorted, ripe, red cherry is added straight to the hopper and pulped using either a disk pulper or, if it's on the farmer’s own equipment, a small drum pulper. Coffee is fermented and then washed in clean water to remove any remaining mucilage.
Wet parchment is sorted and any damaged beans that remain are removed. Then, parchment is moved to raised beds to finish drying. Here, it is turned regularly to ensure even drying and covered at the hottest part of the day and overnight to
prevent cracking and/or condensation. Workers will also regularly inspect drying parchment and remove any damaged beans. Drying time is usually around two weeks, depending on the weather at the time.

Once dry, parchment is delivered to Kahawa Bora Millers. The mill has the capacity to mill smaller lots separately to help preserve quality and traceability.

Kahawa Bora recognizes the importance of cultivating supportive relationships with coffee farmers and roasters, alike. The mill provides crucial services for the farmers and cooperatives with whom they work. They provide key agricultural extension work, helping farmers improve the health of their crops, increase productivity and ensure the best possible quality. They also support innovation in the small estate sector.

Kahawa Bora also, more generally, lends their own expertise in quality processing to their clients, providing feedback and contributing to their knowledge of processing methods and evolving market demand.

Coffee Grade: AB
Variety: Batian, Ruiru 11, SL28, SL34
Process: Fully Washed
Altitude: 1,400 to 2,000 meters above sea level
Region: Central & Western Kenya
Farm Size: 0.5 to 2 hectares on average

Cupping Notes: Aromas of caramel, dried fruits and dark raisin. Lovely juicy citrus and blackcurrant acidity, with a round body and flavours of red grapes and black tea.