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Panama Don Pepe Estate - Natural Geisha - 500G

Panama Don Pepe Estate - Natural Geisha - 500G

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The home of Don Pepe Estate Coffee and five generations of passionate coffee farmers continue to till the land reaching the apex of quality and production through the skills of the late Antonio Vasquez fondly remembered as Don Tony.

Don Pepe Estate Coffee is dedicated to preserving the quality of the beans by producing “pure lots”, farming each variety separately to achieve only the top quality coffee cup.

At Don Pepe, the following varieties are available: Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, Typica, Java and Geisha. These beans benefit from a yearlong microclimate with temperatures averaging 21ºC and rainfall of 2950mm that combined with volcanic soils yield extraordinary aroma and flavour.

The farm strives to produce coffee that follows rigorous environmentally friendly processes utilizing the latest developments in low water throughput equipment. Don Pepe has set aside 10% of our productive plots to preserve the adjoining rainforest.

Crop: 2017
Variety: Geisha
Grade: Specialty
Altitude: 1400-1700
Moisture: 11%
Screen Size: 16+
Processing: Natural
Cupping Notes: Stone fruit reminiscent of apricots and strawberry sweetness, peach acidity, lingering jasmine and a clean aftertaste. SCA 90