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Santa's Brew

Santa's Brew

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2023 Santa's Brew Christmas Blend!

Our "Festive" Christmas Blend is a harmonious marriage of red fruits, stone fruit, dark chocolate, and brown sugar. With the first sip, you'll enjoy the sweet and vibrant notes of red currants and ripe cherries, reminiscent of Christmas fruit tarts when consumed as an Espresso, or the comforting warmth of sweet chocolate when combined with milk.

Experience the magic of Christmas with each flavourful note in this special blend. Whether you're gathered around the tree, spending quality time with loved ones, or simply savouring a moment of tranquillity, enjoy it with our "Festive" Christmas Blend.


Espresso  |  Red fruits, stone fruit, dark chocolate, and brown sugar

Milk  |  Dark Chocolate and Brown Sugar


Brew Guide:

Age Best Used  |  7 - 30 days

Dose  |  21 grams

Extraction  |  35 - 40 ml

Extraction Time  |  28 - 30 seconds