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The V60 Bundle

The V60 Bundle

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Use this pour over coffee set to brew delicious hot or iced coffee at home. This gift hamper features Hario V60 products, as well as beans from our private coffee collection beautifully presented in a custom hamper.

What's inside the hamper:
  • Hario V60 Dripper 02
  • Hario V60 Coffee Server 03
  • Hario V60 Pack Filter (100 pieces)
  • 250g beans from our private coffee collection

    Brewing Tips:
  • Fold the paper filter along the seams and place inside the cone
  • Add coffee grounds (medium-fine grind) for your required servings and shake it lightly to level.
    • (*10-12 gram is normally good for one serving (120ml). The attached measuring spoon = 12g / 1 spoon. Using fresh ground coffee is recommended. (Adjust proportions for a stronger or weaker brew)
  • Take the boiling water off the flame and wait for the water to settle. Pour water slowly to moisten the grounds from the center outward, while moving in a circular pattern. Wait for about 30 seconds.  
  • Slowly start adding more water using the same speed and swirling motion as before, making sure the water does not come into direct contact with the paper filter.

Perfect for home use, this set is designed to last for decades and will look beautiful in your kitchen. We will surprise you with a blend from our private coffee collection, however if you have a favorite in mind, let us know in the order notes.