There are few things in life that connect people so closely, and so memorably, as coffee. Coffee is powerful in the small moments we experience every day – on good days and bad, for a pick-me-up or a let-me-relax. We turn to coffee as a reason to pause, reflect, and connect. We create for ourselves a coffee moment.

At The Coffee Commune, we can help you create more of these special moments.

Our Story

Founded by Phillip Di Bella and headquartered in Bowen Hills, The Coffee Commune is a world-class facility that is taking Brisbane’s cafe culture to the next level. 

 By connecting every dot from plantation to consumer, we’re bringing together cafe and hospitality professionals, coffee enthusiasts, businesses and suppliers into one collaborative ecosystem to learn from each other and grow sustainably.

Our members will benefit from increased group buying power, shared access to our state-of-the-art facilities, valuable connections, peer exchange among equals and practical business content, resources and advice.

Whether you are supplying green beans, roasting your own coffee blends, operating a café, increasing your own knowledge for coffee, or simply creating memorable coffee experiences, your journey with us will open opportunities for network growth, enhanced learning, and collaboration with industry experts.

Our coffee

We have developed seven signature coffee blends that make up our Private Coffee Collection for you to enjoy in your home or office. Each of our blends feature freshly roasted beans formulated by our team of experts in house, as well as single origin coffees that will change monthly.

The Private Coffee Collection also includes specialty coffee capsules, our great tasting coffee in the convenience of a pod, that are compatible with most machines.

This exclusive collection is only available for purchase online or at our café hub in Bowen Hills. 

Whether you are buying coffee for your office or your home, we look forward to serving you. 

We are passionate about ensuring that every bean we roast and every cup we make becomes part of your story, and that we can help you create new connections, memories and experiences through the magic of a coffee moment.