Collection: Raw Green Beans

Green coffee beans — the secret to your next great brew

Green beans are the raw, unroasted form of the brown coffee beans you probably know and love. At Coffee Commune, you’ll find the best green coffee beans in Australia, ready to be roasted and turned into a delicious cuppa.

Green coffee beans have a longer shelf life than their roasted counterparts, give you the freshest cup of coffee imaginable, and allow you to customise the level of your roast to perfectly suit your tastes. What’s not to love?

The perfect method for roasting green coffee beans at home

Whether you want to establish yourself as a micro-roaster or simply want to make the switch from purchasing roasted beans, roasting your own green coffee beans at home is an exciting undertaking. Getting a method that you’re comfortable with and gives you the best results, can’t be read in a book, and it’s not something you’ll master overnight. But, with a little tinkering and some handy hints from us, you’ll be roasting your own beans in no time.

To get started, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Choose a type of bean that suits your tastes, and invest in a quality bean. Because green coffee beans last a lot longer than their roasted counterparts, and because you can expect about 15% shrinkage in your final yield after your roasting is complete, it’s always a good idea to buy in bulk.
  2. Get your equipment out. Home roasting doesn’t need to be a complicated or expensive process, but you will need an excellent and sturdy roasting tray, a cast iron pan that is oven safe, and a quality grinder. Preheat your oven to no higher than 220ºC, and you’re ready to get roasting.
  3. Spread your green coffee beans out in a single layer on your pan or tray, and leave enough air between the beans to allow for air to circulate. This part requires you to watch the beans very closely, so no wandering off, even if it’s just for a minute. Regularly remove the tray from the oven and give the beans a thorough stir to ensure they heat evenly.
  4. Keep an ear open for the first cracks or ‘pops’ from your beans – it’ll sound a little like popcorn kernels getting busy. Once you hear cracks, you’ve reached medium roast. This might be perfect for you, in which case you can remove your tray from the oven. If you love a dark roast, experiment with keeping the tray in the hot oven a little longer before removing it. You’ll need to go through trial and error to get this right, but you’ll have the perfect roast once you nail it!
  5. Give your beans another stir to allow the heat to disperse, and let the beans completely cool before moving them into a tightly sealed container for 72 hours. This will allow the beans to release any gases accumulated during roasting.
  6. You’re ready to grind! You can grind your entire batch in one go or store your roasted beans and grind your daily — it’s up to you. Either way, the fresh flavour will blow you away!

Explore green coffee beans to suit any flavour profile

Born from a genuine passion for great, sustainably sourced coffee, Coffee Commune is your destination for all things brew related. Whether you love a rich caramel variety or a bold fruity bean, our collection has the right choice for you. Shop the delicious range of green coffee beans today and enjoy delivery straight to your door, or get in touch for more tips on perfecting your home roasting technique.