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Colombia - Finca El Paraiso 92 – "Sidra" Anaerobic

Colombia - Finca El Paraiso 92 – "Sidra" Anaerobic

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Sidra is a unique and rare coffee variety that has become quite popular amongst coffee hunters.  It is well known for its intricate and layered flavour, and very high quality potential.  The Sidra varietal often appears in variety gardens and nurseries as a good candidate for experimental coffee processing methods.

The Sidra cultivar (sometimes called Sidra) was developed on a large research farm in Ecuador through funding from Nestlé. This variety was created by manually crossing Red Bourbon and Ethiopian heirloom varieties which carried Typica lineage. Unlike many modern hybrids,

Sidra was developed with the sole aim of creating a high quality cup profile, highlighting both the heavy sweetness and the delicate florals that Typica is well-known for. In exchange for feedback, Nestlé offered the variety to farmers in the region, leading to a surge in its cultivation in Ecuador.

ORIGIN: Colombia
REGION: Valle de Cauca
PRODUCER: Wilton Benitez
ALTITUDE: 1850 masl
PROCESS: Double Anaerobic

Cupping Notes: Fresh and vibrant aroma of black tea and coffee blossom. Flavours of peach iced tea, pepper berry, rose water and lemon. Syrupy sweetness with a citric acidity, round body and a silky mouthfeel.