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Colombia - Cafe Granja La Esperanza - "Mokka" Natural

Colombia - Cafe Granja La Esperanza - "Mokka" Natural

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We are thrilled to present a truly exceptional opportunity for you and your customers to indulge in an unparalleled coffee experience. Introducing our Limited Edition Mokka Coffee, a rare gem that encapsulates the rich history, passion, and innovation of Café Granja La Esperanza. This coffee embodies the heart and soul of our journey, from our humble beginnings to our triumph at the Golden Bean World Series Championship.

The Story Behind the Beans: Step into the captivating narrative of Café Granja La Esperanza, a tale of dedication and love for coffee that began with the union of Blanca Ligia Correa and Juan Antonio Herrera. Their legacy evolved as they cultivated a vast family amidst the vibrant backdrop of Colombia's coffee tradition. In 1945, Juan Antonio revolutionized the farm with the introduction of Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon, and Caturra varieties, birthing Café Granja La Esperanza. 

A Legacy of Excellence: Throughout the years, their family's commitment to coffee persisted, with two of Juan Antonio's sons, Rigoberto and Luis, steering the course. The acquisition of La Esperanza farm furthered their devotion to organic production. Rigoberto's pursuit of perfection took him to Panama's fertile lands, where his coffee won the prestigious title of "Best Coffee of Panama." This victory sparked a new chapter, as Geisha seeds journeyed back to Colombia, forever transforming the legacy of Granja La Esperanza. 

Crafted with Passion: The coffee is selectively hand picked at the perfect level of ripeness. The Brix grades for the cherries must be above 18 to obtain the amount of sugar for fermentation in whole cherries that lasts for 48 hours aerobically in special barrels. The temperature of the barrels is measured every 10 hours to make sure is always in a range of 25° – 28°C. Coffee is transferred to dying silos and left for about 48 hours (temperature approx of 35°C), it is then passed on to raised beds to sun dry for about 15 days.

Origin: Colombia
Farm Size: 10.5 Hectares
Region: Cundinamarca
Varietal: Mokka
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1450 - 1530 meters above sea level
Sub Region: Sasaima

Cupping Notes: Aromas of pineapple, caramel apples, candied mandarin and raspberry. Red apple like malic acidity with flavours of candied oranges, raspberries, apricot, peach iced tea and rhubarb. Jammy mouthfeel with a round body and lingering sweet aftertaste.