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Arlee Reserve Blend

Arlee Reserve Blend

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If you're a coffee connoisseur, you'll love this blend. 

Named after the Founder's son, Arlee Reserve is a light and sweet blend with a pleasing juicy acidity. Reflective of a more modern espresso, with a light citrus taste; but don't let that fool you, in milk it takes on toffee and caramel notes that shine through, thanks to the high sweetness of our specialty grade coffees used in this blend.



Espresso  |  Balance between caramel and citrus in espresso

Milk  |  Burnt caramel and toffee


Brew Guide:

Age Best Used  |  9 - 35 days

Dose  |  18.5 - 19.5 grams

Extraction  |  35 - 45 ml

Extraction Time  |  28 - 33 seconds



1 - 2 cups daily  |  1kg per month

2 - 4 cups daily  |  1kg per fortnight

6 - 8 cups daily  |  1kg per week

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